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    We offer tips on surviving menopause, relationships, hair loss and more all naturally.
Survivor News - Tips On Surviving Menopause, Hair Loss, Bad Relationships, & More

We fully support a natural approach to medicine and healing.  So many people have been damaged from taking medicine for years when there problem could have simply been cured with the right diet and nutritional supplements in many cases.  All of our advice that we give will be on natural cures and herbal remedies for many common problems face by millions of people every day.

Menopause Survival Tips

1. Control Your Breathing - When facing the hot flashes, anxiety, and mood swings from menopause remember to breathe slowly and deep. This is called Paced breathing.  Which is basically inhaling through your nose slowly for 5 seconds and then exhaling through your mouth slowly for 5 seconds.  The way that paced breathing works is by  soothing the sympathetic nervous system which therefore enhances circulation. Women that practice these paced breathing exercises report having 50 percent less hot flashes and anxiety attacks. The tricky part is that it takes lots and lots of practice to start feeling any benefits from paced breathing exercises.
2.Give Yoga a Try -  Yoga is very under rated and also much harder than you would think.  Restorative yoga works the best for menopause by  focusing on relaxing the body in restful postures.   Some postures require using props such as blankets, bolsters, and straps. You work on building yourself up to being able to hold each pose for 5-10 minutes each which puts you into a deep state of relaxation.
3.  Natural & Herbal Remedies -  There are lots of herbal remedies for sale online for just about anything.  We only test products that already have scientific research backing its effectiveness.  Provestra is a very effective natural treatment that will help with hot flashes, low libido, balancing the hormones, and much more.   It takes 30-60 days to start fully feeling the effect. Most people give up after a week or so and assume it does not work.  Well they are definitely missing out.  visit this website for Provestra Customer Reviews and more info.

Surviving Hair Loss

People start to lose their hair at many different ages.  I had a friend that started going bald at 19 and I have seen 90 year old men with a thick head of hair.  The only thing that can be proven is that losing hair can be correlated with nutritional and vitamin deficiencies and that the right natural treatment is much more effective that hair transplant surgeries and other costly procedures.  There are so many snake oil salesmen in the natural healing industry that I only test products that have been scientifically tested in a lab and that has proven  to be helpful  The Profollica Natural Hair Loss Treatment passed all of its tests with flying colors so we gave it a try.  I haven't been taking it long enough to see any results, but it smells wonderful and leaves my hair feeling healthy.  Learn more here: 

Surviving a Bad Relationship

Sometimes in a bad relationship, the best thing to do is to just get out.  But there are ways to turn a bad relationship into something that is the total opposite.  There are things such as marriage workshops, marriage counselors, couples therapy, couples retreats, and so much more.  If things are looking bad in your relationship, try proposing something like this to your partner.  If they reject or mock the idea then you definitely want to get out.  Here's your sign.  If they are open to trying to improve things then it is at least worth a try.