Typographic posters for musical concert

Musical posters

The following project is a collective effort of Typomania School students inspired by the works of Alex Zhang Hungtai (ex-Dirty Beaches), David Maranha and Gabriel Ferrandini. This trio of worldwide-known musicians plays collective improvisational jazz using sax, electric organ, percussion and electro. 

The experimental posters are dedicated to Russian tour of the trio. Graphic decisions are based on sophisticated rhythmical structures and hypnotic sounds of improvisational music. End goal of each poster is to communicate authors’ individual associations of musical improvisations by the means of visual language in the context of multilayered postmodernism paradigm.

Project made by Typomania School 
Curator: Nikolay Shtok
Text: Maria Kosheleva, Victoria Stolybko
Aleksey Pushkarev
Daria Kotik
Katya Novoseltseva
Ksenia Levanova
Liza Soll
Maria Kosheleva
Svetlana Nedashkovskaya
Sergey Sukhov
Tamara Starotitorova
Valeria Vaicekhovskaya
Typographic posters for musical concert