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    Clear and simple identity for a communication and consulting agency.

Aeffect Communications and Consulting
Identity for a communication agency

Aeffect is a communication agency with great experience in the fields of strategy, campaign, digital content, training, consulting and employer branding. Their idea is that each of your decisions has a significant impact and they are here to help you control this effect.

We were assigned to create their complete visual identity. Our task was to design a clear and simple appearance, capture the dual meaning of their name and to include both affect and effect in their logotype.

In the logo we separated these two elements (affect \ effect) and displayed them in a different manner. The letter "A" is a falling domino, that is just about to push the next one, "E" is a fading, endless horizontal line that symbolises the long lasting effect. We combined this simple logotype with monchrome images which show movement. The yellow and grey highlights are also recurring elements of the identity, referring to the horizontal lines of the logo. These horizontal lines also recall the strength of the company, which is copywriting.

• client \ Aeffect Communications and Consulting
• art direction \ Halisten Stúdió
• identity \ Gergő Gilicze & János Kőrös
• webdesign \ János Kőrös
• photos \ boat - Geran De Clerk, runner - Colin Rex, yoga - Matthew Henry, youngsters - Brodie Vissers