Progetto realizzato con inchiostri vegetali handmade
nel mio blog parlo di come li ho realizzati 


Project realized with handmade plants inks
in my blog I talk about how I made them
Cuckoo - avocato pit handmade ink
Long-tailed tit - onion skin handmade ink
Owl - avocado pit handmade ink
Blackbird - pokeberry handmade ink
Eurasian blackcap - avocado handmade ink
Short-toed treecreeper - pokeberry handmade ink
Swallow - onion skin handmade ink
Wren - avocado pit handmade ink
Red-backed shrike - avocado, tea, onion, walnut hull handmade inks
Bohemian waxwing - onion and avocado handmade inks
Red crossbill - avocado, onion, tea, walnut hull handmade inks
Goldfinch - walnut hull, pokeberry, onion handmade inks
Great cormorant - acorn and onion skin inks
Spotted nutcracker - walnut hull, avocado, onion skin handmade inks
 Green woodpecker - walnut hull handmade ink
Raven - walnut and pokeberry handmade inks
Avocado, onion, pokeberry, walnut hull handmade inks I used
Handmade inks


Handmade inks

Illustrazioni di uccelli con inchiostri vegetali di cipolla, avocado, noce, tè - Illustrations of birds with vegetable inks of onion, avocado, w Read More