PELO megazine issue n°3

Alice Piaggio

PELO is a self-produced annual magazine founded by a collective of 21 illustrators and directed by Camilla Pintonato. It's an ever-changing editorial project that bluntly addresses an irreverent subject in every issue. The topic of each issue needs to stimulate us, be impudent and shameless. It has to give us the opportunity to speak of intimate and delicate situations in an open and direct way, but without seeming trivial or exaggerated.

Through PELO we have set ourselves the goal of working with contributing illustrators who share our philosophy and producing a creative space where exciting, innovative, and knowledgeable work thrives. We believe this is the opportunity to freely produce something together while also having fun, in order 
to establish a direct dialogue based on irony with the public.

For all these reasons we autonomously manage the processes of production, distribution and sales (we basically do everything on our own), thus achieving 
an otherwise unattainable degree of independence.
With the THIRD ISSUE we expanded our network even further. We made many changes to the magazine, both in terms of graphics and content, and looked for new collaborations across Europe. What has remained unchanged is our critical and ironic approach towards the chosen theme.

The theme we choose is a very important topic for its relevance. Who nowadays reading a news on the Internet has never asked: but is it really true? PELO#3 
will answer precisely to this question, placing the accent on some of the greatest historical and contemporary lies.


In the central poster of this number there is also another news: the Bigoted Aunt replaces Uncle molest's column and gives all tips to be more bigoted than ever!
PELO megazine issue n°3