Our latest work for Snap-on tools with Traction Factory, we recreated the Goldilocks tale 
                 in a car shop, a brochure in a children book format for the presentation 
                                             of their new PT850 air impact.
Cover : Goldilocks & the air impacts
pages 1-2 : "Once upon a shop, there was a tech named Goldilocks.Why he was called Goldilocks when he had short sandy brown hair and a hipster beard, who knows ?
Let's not get bogged down in details.The thing is, try as he might, Goldilocks could never find the perfect half-inch air impact. And oh, how he searched ... "
pages 3-4 : "First, he tried one that got the job done, but was so heavy and unbalanced that it created a most disagreeable throbbing in his arm and numbed his hand and wrist to such an extent he could barely spoon his oatmeal. Or porridge, as it were "
pages 5-6 : Goldilocks exclaimed,"This air impact is too uncomfortable! Like dealing with the middle hump when you're stuck in the back seat." For Goldilocks was ever so keen on car analogies.
 pages 7-8 : "Then he tried one that felt alright, but was so powerful, it mangled fasteners. And so unwieldy, it couldn't reach the tight bits"
pages 9-10 : "Goldilocks declared,"This air impact is too uncontrollable! Like a supercharged muscle car with bald tires"
pages 11-12 : "Then, Goldilocks tried one that at first seemed better than the others, but proved to be of such inferior construction that it began emitting a most excruciating racket and had to be replaced every dozen fortnights. Give or take"
pages 13-14 : "Goldilocks sighed, "This one is too shoddy! Like a certain Yugoslavian import from days of yore"
(Really, enough with the car analogies.)
pages 15-16 : "Alas, Goldilocks was still on the hunt for the perfect air impact. But then... one day while he was wrestling with the latest air impact he had reluctantly settled for... his Snap-on Franchisee appeared - and let him demo the new PT850"
pages 17-18 : "The minute Goldilocks laid a hand on it, he at once discovered all the power he had ever needed, with none of the discomfort. All the accessibility and trigger control without the lack of stamina. Why, he could give this new air impact an all-day thrashing, without taking one"
pages 19-20 : Lo and behold, Goldilocks had at last found the perfect balance of comfort... control... and durability. Goldilocks rejoiced, "This air impact is JUST RIGHT! Like a '62 Ferrari GTO"
(Okay, we'll give him that analogy.)
pages 21-22 : "And with that, Goldilocks and his new Snap-on PT850 air impact Lived happily well into the next stage of his career - when he bought his own garage specializing in converting pumpkins into motor carriages. But that's a whole other story."
                                                         The end.
Pages 23-24 : "The Snap-on PT850 is the stuff of fairy tales, people. But it's for real. If you suffer from air impact-inflicted Goldilocks Syndrome... and really, who doesn't... ask your Snap-on Franchisee for a demo. And discover the first-ever half-inch air impact's that's JUST RIGHT."
                 Papa Bear portrait
                  Mama Bear portrait
               Baby Bear portrait
                        Goldilocks portrait


Our latest work for Snap-on tools with Traction Factory, a 17 page book recreating the Goldilocks tale in a car shop, for the presentation of the Read More