Plum Jungle, a composition done in a style similar to my Abstract Organic Series, reminiscent of illustration in children's literature. The initial sketch was created with a pencil and paper, traced with a ballpoint ink pen, and "captured" using Adobe's Mobile Capture App. The form was then brought into Adobe Draw where color was added in the digital space. Finally, using Photoshop, grain effects and final tonal adjustments were made. The full color version is a raster image with a relatively small native resolution.

Initially titled "Jungle Life," the final range of colors incorporated within this piece were what gave way to the name. The chosen pallet has been selected to give a darker feeling to the piece, as if under the heavy canopy of a vibrant and lush rainforest. The pallet also serves to slow the movement of the forms with muted tones of blue and teal. Pops of red have been added to call attention to highlight elements in the foreground and background, introducing an added sense of depth to the flat color spaces.