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Competitive Scholarship 2018
Della Nonna
Clean and Modern Artisan Pasta Packaging • February 2017
Packaging for an authentic pasta and sauce brand passed down through generations using the freshest ingredients imported from Italy targeting a younger market.
Land Matrix
Website Concept for own brand of Phone Cases • December 2017
Land Matrix is a Phone Case brand created in Fashion Graphics, that values aesthetics and simplistic design but embraces the mixture of gradients and geometry into the distorted world of glitches. The website seeks to reflect the aesthetics and beliefs, creating a simple interface, incorporating the geometry whilst letting the phone cases speak for themselves through own product and lifestyle shots. 
An Infographic Book on Tourism • March 2017
Giving information and facts on Tourism and how it affects the world as well as focusing on the top most visited countries and look into specific statics and graphs on them. The whole visual concept revolves around luggage tag graphics and the flight control screen. 
Design + Startups
A Self-Developed four page Website • April 2017
A coding project for a event website on the increasing trend of design's importance in the business and startup world, inviting speakers to speak on the panel, introducing them within the schedule and speakers page. The Website introduces the event and schedule through a gradient colored aesthetics. View the Developed Site →
Creative Workspace
A Motion Poster Series  • November 2017
A rework of an old flyer project in gif form, interpreting and producing 'dynamic' and 'still' of the futurist movement into 2 static and 2 motion posters.
A Web-based Product • May 2017
A Collaborative Web App designed with Rachel Dunn. A simple and easy collaborative trip planner that allows you to keep all your trip details and ticket bookings in one place. Get inspired by popular attractions and other people's successful trip itineraries, easily copy them and edit it to your liking. The logo was inspired by the idea of location pins on maps integrated within the V of Viken, allowing the pin to be used separately as a symbol mark.
Taipei Olympics 2020
Schedule and Tickets • December 2017
Branding and Print collateral for Olympics 2020, revolving around the brand logo identity representing the Chinese character “灣” as well as depicting an abstracted graphics of water, sports and track and field. Utilizing and repurposing the graphic elements into patterns that makes up the various print materials for Olympics. 
Taipei Olympics 2020
Website Homepage • December 2017
Utilizing the elements, sprinkling them throughout the homepage, I created a clean and easy to navigate homepage that introduces several sports and programs to direct the user through the website. I enjoyed intertwining the elements in with the images and allowed text to flow alongside.
MICA Vision & Mission
A Motion Piece • October 2017
A Motion Graphic Piece in gif form, featuring MICA's Vision & Mission statement using own shot footage representing MICA. These three is a series of Instagram Social Posts derived from the full video itself. 
A Travel Book Series • October 2017
A book series introducing the history of each city. Each book is named after the nickname of the city, differentiating from other travel, history books and this in turn ties into the idea of 'history'. The aesthetics of the series plays with bold text, overlaying vibrant accent colors and my own images.  
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Competitive Scholarship 2018

Competitive Scholarship 2018

MICA Competitive Scholarship | Juliette Wang (Academic Year 2017 - 2018) Featured works from Spring & Fall 2017