Babina Leta: potato brand from Belarus
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    Babina leta: comprehensive development of the potato brand
The product – high-quality potatoes grown in Belarus. During trademark development we wanted to emphasize the manufacturer's diligent approach to the business and create an image of a product grown with love.

We had no doubt that the brand will be nationally oriented: Belarusians are famous not only for their love for potatoes but also for the experience in growing and cooking them – it is work that had become a sacred tradition for many generations.

Design started with an idiomatic phrase: that’s how we got the name "Babina Leta" or "Granny’s Summer". It’s a story of happy days in early October when summer briefly returns at the end of potato harvesting.

The photos on packages do not include any actresses but only real belarusian women living their daily lives in the countryside. Their names and portraits are a promise of product quality. And we filled the package with helpful potato characteristics and recipes of traditional dishes.

Laconism and minimalism of black and white photos create contrast with a rich background color and a thematic pattern. Like refined typography, the featured area for the food zone along with the author's badges are portrayed in the engraving style with the use of infographics.

The visual build-up is carried out with the background color and brand characters – each of them recommends a different product. So, this is it: high quality potatoes from Belarus are recommended by real women who preserve our traditions and show their experience and love.