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Creating Private Aviation's Premier Brand
PCMT Aviation was founded in 2002 by a highly passionate ex-Silicon Valley executive who recognized that private aviation was ripe for reinvention. After he bought his first jet for personal use, he heard constant woe stories from his peers who thought of jets as “nice to have” but prohibitively expensive to own. Changes in tax laws and greater scrutiny on the spending habits of corporations made jet ownership even less attractive.

Thus motivated, the C.E.O. and founder set out to build a company to capitalize on this opportunity. Focused on the business, the company became known as “PCMT Aviation,” the initials of the founder. Meanwhile, the market became ever more competitive as fractional ownership programs eased access to private aviation.
In a record 38 days, brandadvisors developed a focused positioning strategy, a new name, logo, brand identity, and website.

The essence of the positioning focused on the powerful emotional and rational needs of private jet owners: they expect to be taken care of. The XOJET name is founded on the notion of the military “X.O.” —the Executive Officer who is charged with executing the orders of the commanding officer and is highly efficient, professional, and gets results. As a senior officer, they serve their commanding officer, just as the entire staff of XOJET serves its customers.

The “X.O.” also has the multiple entendre of “XOthermic reaction” —how a jet engine generates energy—and “hugs and kisses,” to represent a personal level of service.

brandadvisors also counseled the company on its launch (attended by executives including Senator John Kerry) and developed the company’s first website under the new moniker.