Year in review

2017 was certainly a big year for us, we officially launched our startup, and since then we have gone on to work on behalf of some big name brands like Adidas, Google, Disney, and Nike. 

With 15+ people in our team and a growing number of enthusiastic fans (shout out to them!), we have become a fast-growing startup making rounds in the industry. Oh, and everyone works digitally from their own office!

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What is it we do?

Our three main service categories are product, marketing and brand. Within those three main service categories, we provide design, development, strategy and content for our clients.
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Our motto

We know some things, you know some other things. Together we know a lot of things. To make something great we need to all work together, talk every day if possible, test things, have lots of ideas and have fun while doing it. If we can do all that, we promise that by the end of the project we’ll have something great to share with the world.
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Thank you

2017 was a big year for us, and with a rising team of passionate designers and developers. We can happily say that we are prepared for the years to come.

Want to learn more about us? You can visit our website here.

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Rhino Design Year In Review - 2017

Rhino Design Year In Review - 2017

2017 was certainly a big year for us, we officially launched our startup, and since then we have gone on to work on behalf of some big name brand Read more


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