Creer Es is a team-developed branding campaign to increase awareness and encourage participation in the democratic process.

We chose a handcrafted aesthetic for the Creer Es logomark, reminiscent of the visual language of Hispanic signage. This friendly and approachable type treatment evokes a sense of nostalgia and engenders an emotional connection between our intended audience and the Creer Es brand. “Creer Es”, or “to believe is,” perches within a speech bubble, with space underneath to encourage our audience to share what they believe.

The Creer Es campaign featured two animated PSAs created to promote and enhance the message of the campaign via placement on social media sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Creer Es website. Both PSAs are brief vignettes encouraging viewers to participate in the campaign and to
“join our conversation.” Both PSAs reinforce the visual language and overall messaging strategy used throughout the campaign. They underscore the relationship between community, personal values, and voting. They emphasize the “one plus one” facet of Creer Es with emotionally resonant language and the use of multiple actors to tell the story of collective action toward positive change, inviting the viewer to share in this effort through the voting process.

The PSA titled “I Believe” was inspired by our event banner, on which participants wrote what they believe on a large version of the wordmark, reflecting the unified diversity of the Hispanic community. This PSA features an animation of these hand-written beliefs as a continuation of this dialogue, maintaining the approachable quality that defines our overall visual language. Using After Effects, the words are animated to appear as if written across a digital version of the event banner while voiceovers from several different actors
state these beliefs, affirming the goal of our campaign at the end by expressing the belief “my vote matters.”

in “One Becomes Many” the flower pattern from our event brochure is transformed into an animation that expresses exponential growth, reflecting the “one plus one” facet of the Creer Es campaign. This
message is enhanced with music and a voiceover performance by multiple actors encouraging people to get involved and to invite members of their community to do the same, thus empowering their community toward positive change through voting.

The animated PSAs were inspired by the hand-written beliefs expressed by event participants who interacted
with the Creer Es banner. To recreate the feeling of a diverse community, we hand-wrote key words in a
variety of styles to imply different voices.
We needed to have our voiceovers convey a sense of authenticity to the listener. Rather than employ professional voiceover actors, we enlisted the help of Hispanic volunteers from the local community. The unpolished character of our volunteer voices express a sincerity which was essential to the project.
Photo credit: Maggie Winters
Photo credit: Maggie Winters

Social Media: Keziah Chong
Video: Ricardo Cortes
Mobile App: Sandra Gichuhi
Logomark: Ashley Hopkins
Motion Graphics: Lita Ledesma
Print Collateral: Allison Nambo
Web: Travis Poffenberger
Event Marketing: Maggie Winters