AlfaBank CashBack

Animation video. 
Time: 30 sec.
Full Screen recommended

For those who fill a full tank and like to extract to the maximum. For those who at once eat the most delicious and always take the biggest piece. Cashback card by Alfa-Bank: for those who need the most.
Alfa Bank. Straight to the goal.

The base of a video is a constant movement of the camera + morphing objects. In some scenes the camera comes closer and then moves away, it makes a panoramic chamber passage, sometimes it (in our story) changes the angle - for example, it changes from the top view to the side view, but all this are one continuous picture, without mounting gluing.

#mrfrukta #motion #design #shapes #magic
Client Alfa-Bank
Agency McCann
Producer Vova Khramchenkov
Alex Frukta  storyboard, design, motion
Alfa-Bank Cash back  2017​​​​​​​

©️ mrfrukta