Concept Product designed for brand new sparkling wine aimed to top-class young women.
The design of the bottle, label, branding & naming, art composition and rendering were entirely designed and developed by me based on a given briefing specifying only the target market.

The name of the brand was design in order to respond to the project´s briefing and successfully attract the target consumers. The word "GLAM" wich is an abbreviation for "Glamour", results in a short,   easy-to-remember word that also connotes the concept that the wine tries to show.
Evolution process for the Brand Design
Prestige, class and feminity are some of the main attributes that can be associated with the final brand design. These Concepts were reached by carefully choosing the right typography and making the necessary adjustments to the final design composition resulting on a pregnant and memorable brand.
The main design of the bottle is based on the shape of a woman's hip, which has a pronunce downward widening curvature. This attribute helps build the brand concept also from the product morphology.
Real scale prototype of the bottle (Process - Final result)
3d Rendering, Lighting and Modelling of the bottle and result - (3ds Max + V-ray)
Apart from the Main product, the project also had 3 flavor varieties, which also were aimed to another sub-audience within the main target market.