Gde smo do sad putovali
Setubal, Portugal - Aleksandra is on long term EVS project 2013/14
Maja and Ena in Cardiff, Wales and London  - PBA December 2014
The Hague, Netherlands, SPOT Youth exchange. Date: 15 - 24 July 2013.
Partnership Building Activity "CARING GAIA", Luz Serena temple - Requena, Valencia in April 2013.
TC Make the change, be the change! with 5 JUMPers - Slanic-Moldova, Romania in April 2013. 
TC Change Laboratory, Second Floor - Struga, Macedonia in March 2013. 
TC Passenger on board - Mostar, BiH in February 2013.
TC Social media and peace-building, Kakopetria Cyprus in October 2012. 
Biella and Turin, Italy August 2012. Environmental Youth exchange

Thessaloniki, Greece 2012. - New media training course
Sopotnica, Serbia - This is our second house. Place where we organize trainings and seminars. 
Pesaro, Italy, June 2012. PBA
Macedonia and hiking, 2012, youth exchange

Pogradec, Albania - Training course
Mariahalmi, Hungary 2012. Networking conference with IYNF
Struga, Macedonia 2012. TC"Focus on conflict"
Belgrade, Serbia, 2012. APV

Delcevo, Macedonia 2012. Youth exchange with Mirza
Romania - Long term EVS project
Fromista, Spain - Long term EVS project, 8 months
Novi Marof, Croatia 2012. - Youth exchange
Ghent, Belgium in June 2011. Contact Making Seminar "On and informal learning in youth work" 
Wroclaw, Poland in June 2011. Feasibility visit regarding peace-building project
Macedonia, April 2011More then image youth exchange
Nurmes Finland, February 2011. Screw up and stay happy 
Cardiff, Wales from 2nd - 6th May 2011.
Sarajevo, BiH 2011 .Pre departure EVS training 
Gde smo do sad putovali

Gde smo do sad putovali

Gde smo do sad putovali?

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