6 Months of Illustrations for Savvy Kids

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  • Six months of illustrations for Savvy Kids Magazine's monthly "Nobody Told Me This Stuff" column.

    "Nobody Told Me This Stuff" is a column about fatherhood written by Robert Bell, a new father himself, first published June 2012 in Savvy Kids Magazine. Previously, Savvy Kids lacked much dad-centric content. With this addition, the publication now has something humorous, honest, and yes, with pictures, for fathers.
  • FRAMED PRINT / CONSERVATION PECAN (12" X 12") / $46.00
    From November 2012, on the injustice of turning one with a nasty cold and the wild excitement of seeing your first camel at the petting zoo.
  • From October 2012, some thoughts on buckles, snaps, and buttons. Read it here. 
  • From September 2012. Has anybody done a study on the connection between the words “Some Assembly Required” and dangerously increased heart rates in men? Read the column here.
  • From August 2012, on how the depth of pride in your child can take you by surprise. I took the opportunity to play with some new-father faces. Read or watch the (very simple) video I made here.
  • From July 2012. A milestone for every father/infant relationship is when you discover you no longer need to carry a pocket knife, just keep your baby nearby. Read it here.
  • From June 2012 for the Fathers Day edition. Contains a collection of insights for any soon-to-be or newbie fathers. Read column here.