Hugs & Kisses

As of 2015, autism is estimated to be affecting 24.8 million people worldwide, and 11-year-old Erato Cardula from Macedonia is one of them.

Since the knowledge about autism in the tiny 2-million republic in Southeastern Europe is in its inception, parents of autistic children often discover there are no support mechanisms for integration in society. That’s why Erato’s father, artist and graphic designer Zoran Cardula decided to raise awareness about autism in a creative way – by publishing a graphic novel depicting his daughter’s world.
Zoran took all the words she invented (47 in total), invited artists and designers from the Republic of Macedonia to illustrate them, and turned Erato’s world into a book.

Now, everyone can learn the words, and find out what they mean. In a way, in addition to a present from a father to his daughter, the wonderful book is a gift to the world – a tool to better understand people with autism.

The book is called Guš i Bac, which are Erato-styled abbreviations of the words gušne(hug) and baci (kiss). To make sure the words were well understood, the dad translated Erato’s vocabulary into 19 languages, including English, Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Aromanian and so on. Thirty-three talented local artists joined the effort too – by creating thought-provoking illustrations for each of the 47 words.
"Looking through the book,
it can be said,
is like experiencing magic".


Illustrations by:

Aleksandar Ilievski
Ana Stojanovska
Anastasija Jovceska
Anastazija Manasievska
Bisera Krckovska
Dejan Handziski
Diano Zdravkovik
Dijana Dimitrievska
Elena Andreeva
Em Ellephantski
Filip Velkovski
Gjorgi Janevski
Gjorgi Jovanovik
Goran Kostovski
Igor Delov
Ivan Durgutovski
Marko Janev
Martina Petkovska
Miki Stefanoski
Milan Stojanov
Nebojsa Gelevski - Bane
Nemanja Trajkovik
Nikola Radulovik
Ruki Cuki
Tatjana Koceva
Teano Kardula
Vane Kosturanov
Vase Amanito
Venco Milosevski
Vidana Boskova Micevska
Vlatko Ristov
Zoran Cardula
Book with illustrated words of an autistic child

Book with illustrated words of an autistic child

“Gush i Bac” is a project & a book that was published this month in Skopje, Macedonia. This graphic novel is a depiction of my daughter’s world a Read More