1. Cartoon
I will run to the living room for this cartoon after school when I was a child. Even right now the song still in my head sometimes. Every time I see this show, want to eat the grandma’s pie, have a tree house and visit the real farm
2. Music
I’m so bad at singing, but I love listening music since really young. I love the Sony ex921 that my dad gave me which is really fit in my pocket:)
3. Secret
I feel so lucky that I have a sister, we play together, laugh, cry, fight, share with each other’s secret, and we love each other.
4. Treasure
“Not for you, it’s for my grandson”. I was so proud of a sticker book I made which is include all the comic’s stickers and pop stars I like in that book, I thought that’s the best treasure I can save for my grandson. I feel my sister really want that, then she makes a similar one for her grandson too. 
5. Future
I thought my future will be a detective when I was watching Detective Conan. I spent a lot of time to draw Conan, the more I drew the more I feel I’m closer to him. But the result is, I’m not being a detective, I become an artist