It's that time of the year again!

This year I decided to make something a bit more special for my longtime client «Tasty help». They asked me to make a wall calendar and I thought — why do everything by myself again? :) 

And thus — the collaboration project was born!

The idea was simple — I wrote a letter to every designer, who worked for «Tasty help» for the last 5 years. Then, each one was assigned a month to design however they want and a letter from the plastic cover. Then I made a cover, designed a grid and — done!

Also, I took this as a marketing opportunity, so each page has some product photos, corresponding to each designer.

Anton Shlyonkin — July, April, letters «Н, У», art-direction and design
Anna Goncharova — August, December, letters «А, Ь»
Darya Kalugina — March, September, letters «М, Щ»
Liza Rogozhnikova — November, letters «К, О»
Natasha Anisimova — February, letter «П»
Anna Podvisotskaya — May, letter «С»
Liza Arsentyesva — June, letter «О»
Masha Straus — January, letter «Я»
Grisha Gorshkov — October, letter «В»

Client — Tasty help, Moscow