Strikfontein - Viral Marketing Campaign 2011
In July 2011 we decided to test the feasibility of Strikfontein by launching a marketing campaign based on and using the content of the pilot episodes - creating the world of Strikfontein by means of social networking platforms.

Written and executed by myself, Adam Heyns, and Jakus Eloff.

*Strikfontein is currently still in development for a feature film and TV series. Aanhouer wen.
PHASE ONE: 9 Julie - 9Augustus 2011

The first phase entailed creating the illusion of a South African town called 'Strikfontein'. A fake scandal was created with the help of local Afrikaans band 'Dans Dans Lisa', who also wrote the series' title track 'Die Mense Hier'. By making use of their online presence and followers the correct target market could be reached, one that corresponds to the target market of the show.

The events took place as follows:
9 July 2011

Dans Dans Lisa posts on Facebook that they are on their way to Strikfontein to play a last minute show. Followers comment and wish them good luck with the show, others wish they were there.
Two hours later they post about an incident that clearly upset them, and that they never plan on returning to Strikfontein. Followers and fans get curious, but the band doesn't reveal any more info.
11 July 2011

Blackberry photos of a bloody-nosed Bouwer Bosch appears on a blog by Pieter van Eden, a resident of Strikfontein, who reveals that Bouwer got punched on stage - by someone called Eduan. The Afrikaans youth flock the internet with questions and sympathy for the group. #Strikfontein began to trend on Twitter.
13 July 2011
Bouwer Bosch reassures the Dans Dans Lisa fans that he's okay and recovering well, but fails to mention any more detail about the incident. The photo turns into a meme - and questions about what exactly happened that night are all over the social media sphere.
19 July 2011

A cellphone video of the controversial Strikfontein event appears on Youtube. In the video Dans Dans Lisa gets interrupted mid song by a crazed, maybe drunken, fan. This fan proceeds to take the microphone from Bouwer, knocks him down, and starts singing a song for his girlfriend. Fans are left unimpressed and angry with this Eduan character.
4 Augustus 2011

Dans Dans Lisa explains what exactly happened in a press release on their Facebook page, and notes that nobody is angry anymore and everything has been sorted out.
The people are still convinced of the existence of this place called Strikfontein.
PHASE TWO: 9 August- 28 September 2011

The scandal is sent into a new direction with the release of new online videos.

The first of these is a music video for Dans Dans Lisa's song 'Mense Hier', also the title track of Strikfontein, that features the band on the road, catching lift, apparently on their way to Strikfontein. Shots from the pilot episode of Strikfontein is also seen in the music video, relating to the footage of the band. The video was playlisted on MK.

The release of this song caught people off guard - at first it was a place where the band got into a brawl, and now it features in their new video - something is up.
The videos that followed were of the Strikfontein pilots specifically - a series of four videos were released over a month's time. The videos simply ended with the Strikfontein title - no indication of what it really is - with the intent of inciting word of mouth marketing of the videos.

At the end of every video a screen appeared with fragmented codes. If all four videos' codes were put together, GPS coordinates, a date and time were revealed. This was for an event planned for Strikfontein on the 5th of November 2011.
PHASE THREE: 28 September – 5 November 2011

Cards on the table.

Using Facebook, a statement was released revealing the entire campaign and it's goal - to get Strikfontein noticed by the powers that be in the hopes of getting it made for television. The statement asked of people to let kykNET know that they want to see Strikfontein on TV. This resulted in a massive reaction and hundreds of posts on kykNET's Facebook page - so much so that kykNET asked us to calm the people down.
Numerous online magazines and blogs posted about the campaign and its reaction, including, MK Online and even Huisgenoot.
The campaign was kept alive by means of posting the 'Ek Like Strikfontein' meme everywhere - it even came up as a stensil during Aardklop. The event was promoted further and free tickets were given away for the show.
In collaboration with Doktrine Ontwerp, the Strikfontein event kicked off on the 5th of November to a packed audience. An art-house in the heart of Pretoria was used as setting, and was dressed according to the theme of the show. It was even sponsored by Strikfontein's own 'Strikfontijn Oude Kelder' winery.

Popcorn in hand, the two pilot episodes of Strikfontein was screened to the audience, and was extremely well received. After the screening, Frans van Wyk of Soos Herfs, Alan, Let's Move On, and Dans Dans Lisa played acoustic sets to the audience - bands whose music is featured in the show.
Strikfontein - Viral Marketing Campaign 2011

Strikfontein - Viral Marketing Campaign 2011

In July 2011 we decided to test the feasibility of Strikfontein by launching a marketing campaign based on and using the content of the pilot epi Read more

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