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Motion Solidified through Software
Hologram Super Park is an alternative marketplace. The process of buying is realised through a remote control system. By using it, the buyer has the possibility to choose  products that appear at random. At the Hologram Super Park, game and adventure are the dominant elements that intorduce a new trade experience.
kamworkshop 2008 * architects * anTonis Kiourktsis , Antonella Nikolopoulou
Traces of Virtual Reality.
University of Thessaly, School of Architecture, Greece
Degree Diploma, 2006
The site is situated in the city of Athens, in the conjuction of two main arteries of the street network of Athens. In ancient years it constituded part of the cemetary of Kerameikos, ruins of which remain on the other side of the road. The project proposes the construction of an underground multi-space building with an electronic library of free-acces to people, exhibition rooms with public character and an overground multi-level automated parking. The underground building  is the result of a “cut and paste” process applied on the plans of the ruins of an abandonded underground railway station. The line of water in the lower level follows the trace of an ancient river “Hiridanos”. These plans, the trace of the ancient river, even the plans for the new underground parking that is proposed in place, are what we call virtual realities of this site.   
architects: anTonis Kiourktsis, Antonella Nikolopoulou

Building, exploring the notions of public vs private
University of Thessaly, School of Architecture, Greece
Architectural Design Studio VI, 2004
The site is situated in the city of Volos downtown. The building that is proposed examines the relationships between public and private character of an urban building and itself behaves as a “bipolar”. At first it constitutes a place of cultivating and expansioning, the creativity of the citizens and moreover an exhibition space. Our main goal was that the building would be a living part of the city that would “show off” its character. So at first during the workshop the entrance to the building is only possible through the left, back side of the building that leads to the lower level, while the main intrance in the front facade is closed, what indicates its private character. On the other hand main entrance is open  and acces to all galleries is possible when the workshop is over and the building acquires puclic character.
architects: anTonis Kiourktsis, Nikos Koukoumis
University of Thessaly, School of Architecture, Greece
Architectural Design Studio V, 2004
The project is situated just outside Nea Anchialos a small city in central Greece. The main purpose was to design a “hub” which would serve functionality and effectiveness of a contemporary airport.Shells that include the functions of an airport unfold dynamicallyin space and link each other through rolling strips. The railway station constitutes a “bios” for the airport that works as a link to the city network. On the other side the gates as assymetrically endings of the composition work as link to the airspace network.
architects: anTonis Kiourktsis, Nikos Koukoumis, Stelios Chrysanthopoulos
Museum of the Culture of Highway
University of Thessaly, School of Architecture, Greece
Architectural Design Studio III, 2002

The site is situated on the highway road from Volos to Larissa. This project proposes a museum of the culture of the highway which unfolds as a gesture through the landscape of the site, where exhibits are the elements of the culture of the highway: a take-away on car, fast-food restaurant, a gas station, a drive-in, a motel. Visitor meets the culture of the highway road through a joyride to the elements that consists it and mostly in his car. The project goes further, proposing another museum, a museum of the history of the car underneath the highway road exits that penetrate the landscape of the site.
architect: anTonis Kiourktsis

University of Thessaly, School of Architecture, Greece
Architectural Design Studio II, 2001
Proposal for the new pier in the city of  Volos. Mapping human and bicycle movements in the city, the new pier is a cluster of paths following the outline of the old pier.