Still is Fun Planner
May and June 2016. Examples of the planner.

About Still is Fun Planner

Still is Fun planner is a planner that using the combination ideas of still graphics handmade book planner and motion graphics. A planner that still and only normal planner with normal content is just a book, but this still is fun planner is different with others planner. This planner is a planner that can let you plan your goals with fun ways and graphics. Graphics with motion will never get bored! 

Brand Identity
Final Logo Design "Still is Fun Planner"
Sketches for logo design.
Colour palette
Logo Combination Testing 
Final Logo Combination 
Brand Identity
Final Logo and Logo Animation to explain still graphics is FUN!

Planner Design
Planner Cover Design
Content of the planner
Badges and To-do-list Design
Motion Graphics
Theme : Sweet Candy
Theme : Chic Lady
Theme : Simplicity
Thanks for Watching!
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Still is Fun Planner