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    A direct mail campaign for a canine academy.
The brief included the design and planning of a direct mail campaign involving the concept of etiquette. My approach centred around a dog training academy with a high LSM target market. The outcomes involved the development of the brand, the planning of the main stages of the campaign, as well as the design of direct mail stationary and promotional items. The look and feel centred around simplistic, witty illustrations with a vintage sensibility.
Welcome mat envelope
The first phase includes a “welcome mat envelope” that would be directly mailed to residential addresses (placed in front of the door - see following page) containing a brochure that introduces the service to the client.
Welcome mat envelope (back)
Welcome mat envelope (inside) detailing the brochure
Welcome mat envelope (inside) detailing the brochure
Welcome mat envelope (inside) detailing the brochure
Transparent pamflet
As illustrated above, the “Transparent flyer” is slided underneath the client’s door and becomes visible when the door is opened. The flyer continues the message of the “welcome mat envelope”, and the design reinforces the concept of etiquette, illustrating the dog’s disobedience.
Envelope cover with "bite" marks
The second phase includes the mailing of subscription postcards. which are included in a postage paid envelope that the client can mail back or mail to a friend. The design of the envelope once again communicates the concept of disobedience as the envelope looks torn and bitten. In this phase the USP is communicated through the use of illustrations.
Postage paid envelope and postcards
Postage paid envelope with dogtags
The third phase includes motivation in the form of a voucher for two weeks free trial of the service. After gathering information of the client in the previous phases, the promotional gift (dog tags) includes the contact details of the owner and therefore also serves a dual purpose as the postal address when mailed to the client. The design and copywriting of the voucher reinforces the concept of discipline by linking the SMM with a military analogy.
Voucher and dogtags
The fourth phase includes an incentive (dog treats) to motivate the client to subscribe after the completion of their trial service. Dog friendly chocolate treats that the owner can also enjoy, are included in an illustrated packaging design. A gratification card not only thanks the client but also provides the option to fill in their details and fully subscribe to the service.
Dog-friendly chocolate treats
Gratification card
Newspaper holder / fridge magnet (gift)
The fifth phase includes a confirmation of subscription by sending the customer an enrolment letter and a promotional gift (newspaper) to reinforce brand loyalty. The enrolment letter is mailed rolled up in the day’s newspaper. The presentation communicates the reward that the service will offer the client by drawing an analogy with the traditional trick where dogs fetch mail for their owners.
Enrollment letter
Rubber stamp and stamped business cards