Niran Zonza
Fire genasi warlock, turned rogue
Niran is the character I designed to play Dungeons and Dragons. She's a royal member of the fire elemental race, the fire genasi. She's on the run from her terrible situation back home, and made a very terrible series of decisions, like making a pact with a very powerful devil to become a warlock, then breaking that pact very messily.
Her quest began with a rage-fueled desire for revenge for her best friend and partner, her handmaiden, who she thought had died for her. The time she spends learning, growing, and mellowing out, as well as finding out her handmaiden's actually alive, affects her beliefs and actions as time progresses. 
Niran's hair is on a constant, perpetual simmering flame on its ends, which flares up when she's emotional. Her tattoos are symbols of rites of passage as she grew up in her culture.  Niran's initial design:
Sketches of some shenanigans and interactions with other characters: 
A variety of facial expressions:
After getting a belt of Dwarvenkind, Niran's hair starts growing out much faster. A friend had also previously given her blue highlights as a parting gift.