Fisker Sunset Design 2009
I was very fortunate to work on this beautiful vehicle, I assisted in the design of the exterior and interior working with an extremely small and talanted group of designers. Exterior under direction of Henrik Fisker & Mark Clarke, interior under direction of Alexander klatt.
Fisker Sunset Interior Design Development. Work also featured in Interior Motives Magazine Spring 09 Issue.
Initial Sketches of the door panel, before a theme had been selected.
Ink Drawing (about 1m wide) Inspired by the Fisker Karma Front Fasica Diaomnd theme. It conveys the essence/theme of the Fisker Sunset door panel
Early Photoshop sketch of the door panel theme.
CAD screenshot of the Sunset Interior
Final Fisker Sunset Concept Interior, I worked on the iinitial nterior door panel development. The front seating is identical to the Karma except for the forward folding mechanism. Shown above is the animal-free EcoChic option which offers a symmetrical Seat Trim with our signature pattern.
Grill Pattern Design and Alias Modelling.
Exterior Photoshop sketch of the chosen Body theme.
Early CG Image with Lots of Photoshop.