Model Propositions
Catalogue/documentation of works, 2017

Edited by Nadia Wagner
Published by The Glasgow School of Art Singapore, Interior Design Department, 2017.
Project was initiated at The Glasgow School of Art by Patrick Macklin and developed for The Glasgow School of Art, Singapore, by Nadia Wagner. Taught with Elaine Lee, Seung-Ho Lee, Ellen Philpott-Teo, and Mark Teo.

Designed with Jamie Yeo in collaboration with Nadia Wagner and Jesse O'Neill
A6, offset lithography, edition of 200, 184p, Loose sheets binded with a paper band.
Typeset in FF Real, Printed by First Printers Singapore

Extracted text from catalogue:
We make models to manifest ideas; to bring abstract thoughts into plastic reality.
We understand a model as something incomplete, a suggestion, or an idea not fully formed.

As part of a process we anticipate the model-thing to invite discussion, opin- ion, question and critique. And we use it as part of our generative or iterative design processes.
As such, the following model-approximations are laid out as half-representations; chimeras that morph the original suggestion into new iterations of itself.

By mixing the pages, models can be combined and re-combined, generating a multiplicity of unintentional secondary ideas; a kind of spatial parlour game/exquisite corpse.