Work from 2009 using Adobe photoshop, Artlantis, Rhino 4.0 and Adobe Illustrator
During first semester of 2009 I undertook a degree in architecture at the University of Technology Sydney. The brief was to design a building which could facilitate as a lecture room, exhibition space and office space that was inspired by various images, sound waves and paper foldings.

A second project was to model the exoskeleton sculpture located in Galleries Victoria in Sydney CBD.
Final Building rendered in Rhino 4.0
Final Building rendered in Artlantis
Final Building Interior rendered in Artlantis
Axo of Building using Adobe Illustrator
Exoskeleton Rendered in Rhino 4.0
Exoskeleton Second Half Rendered in Rhino 4.0
Exoskeleton Top Half Rendered in Rhino 4.0