Lenovo Yoga 920
After Effects
3D Motion
We were invited by Lenovo to create a new commercial for their latest flagship laptop product Yoga 920 (aka Yoga 6 Pro). We decided to put together some massive colorful particles to show how splendid the super high-res screen is, and what kind of impact can be created from the chemical reaction between the stylus that comes with this product and the impressive display.

Here are some screenshots from the video.
Client: Lenovo
Art Director: Somei Sun
Producer: Ray 
Landscape Artist: Utsuo Chen
Motion Designers: Chiu / Lewis Orton / Ray
VFX Artist: Lewis Orton
Compositor: Chiu
Modeling: Jojostar / Ray
Music & SFX: Broken Thoughts

Thank you for watching!
Lenovo Yoga 920
Multiple Owners
Lewis Orton