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Inexpensively Creating a Dream Home
Creating a beautiful home takes a plan. Everyone wants to live in a comfortable home that reflects personal style. Many home improvements are easy to make for little cost.

One solution to improve a home is to simply remove clutter. A room without clutter looks big, inviting and organized. Keep in mind odd numbers like three and five. Arrange items that are similar in color or function in groups of odd numbers. Whatever else is left, fit it into a grouping, give it away or put it someplace where it won’t be seen.


Take a look at the furniture. Painting wood furniture is affordable. So is stripping it down to the wood and refinishing it. Either way, the furniture will look new and be a huge home improvement.

The couch is a major item, and changing it is a noticeable home improvement. Replacing it may not be an option, but there are other affordable ways to take care of the couch.Slip covers do wonders. Changing the pattern from a solid to a print or stripes is dramatic. Work done by upholstery professional is worth it. If the couch is fine otherwise but a change desired, just change the pillows. Sewing them is an affordable solution to create a home improvement. Even store-bought pillows are decorative and affordable.

Window Treatment and Lighting

Changing the window treatments in any room can completely alter the look and feel of a room. Altering the fabric of the curtains or drapes is an inexpensive and easy method of accomplishing a home improvement.

Lighting is affordable to change. Light aimed from different angles can radically alter a room.


Another great, and affordable, home improvement is using paint or wallpaper on the walls or ceiling. A room can change from dull and drab to outstanding. Pick colors that match the purpose of the room, or pick colors that match personality. Either way, applying paint or wallpaper is an inexpensive and easy task that impacts how a room looks.

Fireplaces and kitchen cabinets also benefit from paint. Applying paint is an easy way to personalize a home. Painting techniques can change a room from modern to country. Paint will last for years, yet it can be changed anytime.


Replacing hardware is another affordable, simple home improvement. Instantly, furniture, cupboards and doors take on a new look.


Another simple and affordable way to make a home improvement is to see what is under wall-to-wall carpets. Hardwood floors such as distressed flooring are making a comeback. If the carpet covers a wood floor, get rid of the carpet. The wood may need sanding and staining, which doesn’t cost much, and the result will be a great home improvement.

Odds and Ends

Other simple and non-expensive home improvement projects include patching cracks, replacing windows and screens and installing ceiling fans.

There are more easy and affordable home improvement projects. The major key is to have a plan. Home improvement projects can create lasting, valuable and rewarding changes to a home.