This infographic I made was probably my favorite piece I made during this entire course. I am proud of it because I think it turned out really nice and conveys information well. I learned how to use images, text and facts to make one infographic that can catch a viewers eye and give good facts out to the viewer. All around I think I did a great job drawing the pictures for the facts I presented. I also think that the color scheme used for this infographic and the text fonts went well with this piece. 
I really enjoyed making this piece as well. I taught me a lot about how to use adobe illustrator, change the settings for different lines I draw, and do a image trace. I learned that you can recreate or trace any image with this method which is really useful for future projects. I also learned how to use gradients to color and how to full shapes. I'm really proud of how it turned out and think I did a great job. 
In this assignment I learned how to edit a video in photoshop, use transitions, and narrate. I thought I did a all around pretty good job narrating the article I did and thought that those skills can be really useful. I've already kind of known how to do these things but they are definitely good skills to have and use in the future. If I were to do this project again however, I would add video clips. 
In this podcast assignment, I learned how to use audacity. Audacity was really great for making your voice sound smooth and professional, and I learned a lot about how to edit my vocals on there doing this project. I think that this assignment went well for me and I'm proud of the outcome.