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FlyBy was created by Propeller, an entertainment marketing company located in Nashville, Tennessee. The client already had a vast blogger network that reaches more than 3.3 million monthly readers. This network is used to provide not only a marketable audience to but also a venue for consumer feedback on their products and services.

Propeller was searching for ways to expand this network and a solution to help them manage it more easily. Therefore, the site needed to provide a simple process for bloggers to register for the network as well as a simple process for those at Propeller to utilize this information.

We created a custom Ruby on Rails web application for Propeller's FlyBy Network. The application allowed for new users to sign up and fill out their information. Through each step of the process, their personal data is recorded. Therefore, users are able to complete their profile at a later time if they are not able to do so on the initial sign up. Additionally, members of the network can update their account at anytime to reflect changes in information or new interests. Accounts are approved by FlyBy and once approved, they can be sorted and exported by any combination of fields.

When we initially began discussion on this project, Propeller mentioned future goals that they had for FlyBy Network. To keep up with these requests, we structured the application to be able to grow as the network does. The application was designed to eventually create a way to interact with member through the dashboard. The experience would be much like a private social network which would provide a single venue for bloggers to take part in different activities and provide feedback.

Finally, we wanted FlyBy to have it's own identity so that bloggers in the network would have their own entity to belong to aside from Propeller. Thus, we created a logo for FlyBy as well as a visual language to be used on both web and print campaigns.

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