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First cut of my thesis project, an animated narrative music video set to an original instrumental composition by me.

This project was the result of my desire to reverse-engineer a narrative. I composed the score to tell the story well before ever creating the visuals. Often the visuals drive the story, and music and soundtracks function to enhance it. With this project, it was my sincere goal to first tell a narrative story through instrumental music, which would later inspire the accompanying visual elements.

This animation is a labor of love, and the result of 4 months of lost sleep. The characters and scenery were painstakingly comped entirely from stock photography, individually animated in After Effects, then each scene assembled in 3D space using Nuke. The cut and transition VFX were done in After Effects.

This is the draft that was shown at the Computer Art Thesis Screening, May 2011. Still a little rough around the edges. A final draft might happen... one day... maybe.