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My part in this project
development, design, ux, sort of copywriting

Estimated design time
2 weeks

Clients vision/goal
The goal was to fill the gap on the market. In our region this kind of products are still on its growth peak, so there was a right time to strike.

Target audience
Well-off people, mainly women

My solution
The competition in our region is not so strong, so the client wanted to fill the gap and use the full potential from the experience that we will give to the user.

So I wanted to make a really simple e-shop with a bunch of ux features which will lead to better user experience. Strong typography, simple flat style that is not so trendy and will last a bit longer. The whole design is based on opencart cms.
Selected product is visually strong against other products. So the user is then 100% concentrated on it.
To make it more cuddly I've played with text a little bit.
Banners which should engage the user attention. Free gift, free shipping, facebook fan page and the most important thing "how to measure your doggy".
Breadcrumb is here very important but sometimes overused. So I made a very inconspicuous one. The user in this step choose the right size for his doggy. If he doesn't know, he could see the siye chart bellow. The price change in real time after selecting the size.
Right technique to measure your doggy. Really simple in few steps. But if you still do not know you could give a call for getting the right answer.
Shopping process. I hate when the registration is needed before I order the product. So usability simpler is to require these information in the process of ordering. Only four steps and you are there.
Really simple filtering on frontend side but difficult on backend side. Race filtering and also color filtering to search the products you really want.