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Graphic Design II - Identity Design
Project Description:
Use the design process to create a logo for one of the three fictional companies below.
(Note: Your final project will be to create packaging for whichever company you choose.)

Criolo is a high end line of mustards. The product is made in Louisiana and uses non-traditional,local ingredients. An example of one of the mustards is “Vidalia Onion.” You may choose your own flavors and for the packaging. The product is sold in grocery stores that carry specialty and local products. (For example, Whole Foods, Langenstein’s, Rouses)
Target audience: home cooks

Go-Pop! is a line of bubble bath products for kids. The bubble bath uses all natural ingredients and is chemical-free. Go-Pop! products have names like “Lavender Lemon.” You may choose your own ingredients for the packaging.
(Note: The dash between “go” and “pop” is optional.
Target audience: children & parents

Gusto is a line of beard grooming products. The product line includes Beard Oil, Beard
Wash, Beard Butter, Mustache Wax, etc. Gusto products are sold online and in salons
and specialty stores. Target audience: men (you can decide on the age, etc.)

• To gain experience using the design process to create a logo
• To learn about branding and consider all of the possible uses for your logo
• To gain experience choosing Pantone colors

Final Printout: 
The final logo must be in vector form. (Adobe Illustrator or Adobe
Indesign.) Your logo must be printed in black and white and in color (2 Pantone colors) on
an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. (Pantone colors must be identified.) The logo in both color and black and must appear small and large on the page.
Graphic Design II - Identity Design

Graphic Design II - Identity Design