Common Dental Myths Debunked
Common Dental Myths Debunked
Nowadays we live in the era of technology. We can get information through online surfing and we get the desired result within a time or you can say in a split second.

Basically health is the main issue these days because health is wealth otherwise we are unable to do anything.
You brush your teeth after every meal.

It is very important to brush the teeth after every meal because it prevents you from different mouth diseases and oral health and cleaniness of a mouth should become the mandatory part of life to every individual.
Don’t need to floss.

A new research in 2016 report that the flossing is not suitable for healthy teeth. But the thing is this people won’t use their mind that the bacteria build up between your teeth and gum it tells us that you have a bad oral health this is just because of their own negligence.

In reality brushing cleans the surface of the teeth but they did not reach to those part but flossing can.
Bleaching your teeth can cause permanent sensitivity.
In the reality bleaching can affect your teeth more sensitive. It is just because that the bleaching solution open the pores of your tooth enamel. But it is for short period of time after that pore will closed automatically.

If you are suffering from too hot and too cold in your teeth this the problem you must took yourself to the dentist it is an issue they will give you a proper remedy for it.
Highly Acidic food can erode your gum?

It is the fact that acid affect your enamel.

Gum infection is a disease they are caused by the bacteria under the gum line that has not be immediately removed. If you have a swollen gum in the form of red and comes out of the teeth you must go to the dentist that he will examine you properly and get rid of this problem as soon as possible.
If your teeth look and feel good no need to go to the dentist.

If your teeth is normal no need to do anything regarding this. If you feel anything wrong with your teeth directly go to the doctor for treatment.

The dentist is the one who diagnosed properly what inside it why it creating disturbance for you.

The major part is this that you must go to the doctor after every six months to examine your oral health and it is the best way to remain healthy and prevent from other diseases which cause the life threatening.
Get The Fact.

Basically the main purpose of writing this information that people would fully aware of the oral health because it leads to the cancer, heart problem ,cholesterol issue and as well as liver issue because majority of the issues starting from the bad oral health and the after affects is severe the treatment is extremely expensive everybody can’t afford it, so it is better to go to the dentist when a minute thing will be happen in mouth if it is timely treated it is a blessing for you and as well as for a doctor.

Otherwise this problem will  not fully treated and cure and the medication is only for the time being.

Nowadays people are worried about their health because health is the major part of life.
On the other hand it is a basic necessity for every individual that might not suffering from any disease.

A common term used in this era specially

Health is Wealth.

I hope you got my point what I am trying to define it.
Common Dental Myths Debunked

Common Dental Myths Debunked


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