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    kastraki, in the mountains of the meteor
Kastraki is a Greek village of great natural beauty, located in the largest region of Meteora, included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites and is indeed a particularly picturesque place. Among its streets there is an authentic local character, one feels close to the lifestyle of the small centers of continental Greece and lives surrounded by a magnificent landscape.

The houses of the local people are built almost all in stone and covered with red clay tile roofs. The buildings are low, as required by the National Archaeological Committee to protect the conservation of the village and to better integrate with the surrounding landscape.

In Kastraki are located some important churches built during the Turkish occupation in Greece, and some "sketes" in the walls of the mountains that surround it.  
The village is located at the foot of the enormous rock formations of the Meteora region
Interior of the church Agios Athanasios
Agios Athanasios
During a religious function in Agios Athanasios church
During a religious function Agios Athanasios church
Skete communities usually consist of a number of small cells or caves that act as the living quarters with a centralized church or chapel. These communities are thought of as a bridge between strict hermetic lifestyle and communal lifestyles since it was a blend of the two. These communities were a direct response to the ascetic lifestyle that early christians aspired to live. 
Local artist