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    Visual Exploration of brand developemnt
The Puddy Story
Student project created as a visual exploration of possible identities for a the Puddy company. Puddy is an information company that provides consumers with expert information via live human interaction over a wide scope of medias.
Several names and directions were explored before arriving at the Puddy brand. It was decided that the identity had to be a centered around a character. The only way to achieve the level of personality the brand required was to create a logo with powerful identity. Visual appeal was also very important, the final logo had to be inviting, fun and unique.  
Below are some of the other names, characters, and identities that were explored.
Once a logo and identity had been established, Puddy needed to expand upon that visual foundation by creating an advertising campaign to match. Several campaign strategies were explored. It was determined above everything else, the campaign needed to have strong visual interest. The visual material had to immediately capture the viewer's attention. The philosophy behind the campaign can be summerized by the quote "people don't read advertisements, people read things that interest them. Sometimes they are advertisements." 
Below are examples of various campaign visuals that were explored.