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Illustration 2017 - a lot of line! From apple to world
hi folks!!! long time without any update! Sorry was fortunatly really busy time!!! :) A lot of amazing project. This is just a small small part but i need to say ciao to all you before end of this crazy 2017! you could find a lot of different proj. from Apple pencil :) to my show at nina sagt my collaboration with lulu etc... etc...
Hope you like it and thanks for support!!!
This is amazing proj did in 2017! Apple asked me to use iPad and pencil to made this image! Was incredible the use of iPad pro and apple pencil with graphics app made everything quick fun and powerfull! 
This oneline it's made for Bishop :) line that work with food ;)
This 3 was made for an amazing proj in italy in milano with Alkemia. They use it to animate when you look with the phone :)
I made this line form various sketch and proj did in past i remix everything togheter to create those new dance system.
Those are made for Columbia University :) 
Last year i was a specker at the amazing The design conference in Australia :) This year i had the opportunity with the amazing Mat! to create the full identity!! I made this pattern that connect people that each other ;)

This two image are to show you my way of work. This one was for airbnb. Usualy i sketch really quickly to stop the idea and the balance after i refine everything to made it like you see :)

Those are a series of study made for analogue digital and trasformated into the mazing cover of Varoom magazine :)
I made this two in my train trip to illustri! I had a show in illustri and i love to comunicate that i'm coming with this two ;)
a study of connection music and people waiting.
Various editorial illustratipon 2017 from fortune magzine to cnn etc..
Sorry for O2 comunication telephon company :)
Two image from a pitch unfortunatly not become a campaing :/
Last year i start to work with the amazing lulu guinness :) this is a part of out collab! :)
I had the pleasure to made two fabolous show at nina sagt and magma book store :) London and Dusseldorf ;) Thanks to all people that i met! those a small selection of draw made for the show :) The name of show is Ditirambo!
and to finish a little card to say spread love !!!! :) 
use with love whit everyone you want :)

follow instagram and spread love!!!
enjoy this end of 2017 see you in 2018 !!! CIAOOOO
Illustration 2017 - a lot of line! From apple to world

Illustration 2017 - a lot of line! From apple to world

a series of project did in 2017 various illustration and proj. one line lovers. from apple to lulu and other many many client :)


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