Sliced AB.v2
Sliced AB was created a number of years ago and shared through DeviantArt. Since then I've wanted to expand on the existing basic font set and include further characters, multi lingual support and adapt some of the letters with better kerning and overall make a better font. The original edition has achieved well over 250,000 downloads and although I'll never expect the new version to hit those staggering heights I hope many will pickup this revision also.

Created with a modern technical feel and 45 degree angle its designed primarily as headline style font but will work as body text also.

Shared as free for personal & commercial use with open donations. (License is contained in download file)
Donate what you think is fair as a thank you. The time to develop a full typeface, test and release is extensive and this helps support the development of more fonts.

If you are wanting to use any typeface(s) for commercial purposes and are making a profit, please consider a donation, I won't make you feel guilty if you don't do this (...but you should haha!)

Sliced AB v2 has been beta tested but if you see something that isn't quite right or have a need for further characters contact me. 

Available through 'Payhip' or via ''


Thank you for taking time to enjoy my work.
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