We created the overall audio identity through an acoustic narrative which moved between human and artificial.

Comodo Screen + Mucho + Telefonica Group

Telefónica Group wanted to focus on the overall identity of Movistar+ and its channel #0 through an artistic, special, and intelligent concept. They wanted to highlight its innovative, fresh and interactive character making it seem like a human-robot hybrid. Its audio branding had to transmit this idea. To do this, we had to create a broad soundscape and two audio logos.

Creative process

A personal and infinite soundscape

The platform’s sound behavior had to be consistent and descriptive of its graphic environment at a kinetic and emotional level. To do this, we played with turntables, rewound cassettes, altered vinyls, programmed voice generators and designed sounds with analogue synthesizers… All of this, together, formed a wide set of content and information which accompanies the spectator while they browse and pick. Ultimately, it was an immense, empathic, remarkable, and genuine sound puzzle, where all the pieces combined with one another. With this, promos, bumpers, and spots can be recognized quickly, keeping their characteristic appeal without needing to use corporate and repetitive music.

Audio Logos
The Movistar+ (the VOD platform) and #0 (its own channel) audio logos are related yet very different.

Four notes. One for each syllable

We used synthesizers and percussion to simulate movistar’s spelling. We wanted to introduce elements that were totally alien to the human voice – a machine – that would try to communicate with us. We designed an artificial child’s babble that was subtle and almost imperceptible and that whispers “plus” to transmit intelligence and innate freshness. Something was just born.


We chose hollow percussion, which conjured up emptiness. A nearly anechoic space. The nothingness before the beginning. Similar to the movistar+ audio logo, we concluded with an electronic voice saying ‘zero’, but this time it was a sample of Stephen Hawking’s synthetic voice. An allegory to antimatter.

Movistar+ is highly active and has a constant need to create promos and pieces where it communicates with its subscribers. Initially, were asked to produce about 100 pieces: broadcasting ads, upcoming releases, idents and promos. Once the job was finished, we built a sound database and provided the tools for the channel’s audio department to enable them to continue extending its useful life in the near future.
This has allowed the platform to generate scores of promos each week from our sound archive. Its identity has stayed effective and has grown. In addtion, it has been very well received and valued by its audience.

Design | Mucho
Direction & Motion | Comodo Screen
Client | Movistar+
Executive Producer: Raúl Regueiro
Creative Director | Iñaki Martikorena.
Audio Director Movistar+ | Omar Tenani

Movistar + | Audio Branding

Movistar + | Audio Branding

Audio Branding for Movistar + TV Channel

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