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Sheik N' Beik NY Covers
Sheik N' Beik NY Covers

Art direction and illustrations for the covers of Sheik 'N' Beik. The EPs series aimed at celebrating the diversity and history of New York and its boroughs.

As Sheik 'N' Beik's hometown and source of constant inspiration. The label focuses the spotlight to pay homage to the five boroughs of New York including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and The Bronx. Each boroughs flag is given a modern and colorful twist via the cover art and design of each outer jacket. 

Sheik 'N' Beik is a collective based in New York City. They have been creating electronic music events in different venues around the world since our foundation in 2008. 

✦ Manhattan  SNBV011 / SKY OVER CARCOSA
Queens  SNBV012 / VA ADHOO
Sheik N' Beik NY Covers