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    Limited edition prints of Rushmore Characters Max Fisher & Herman Blume
I’ve always been a huge fan of Wes Anderson films. For me it all started with Rushmore. It’s a movie quoters wet dream.
I finally made the time to create prints of two of my favorite characters, Max Fisher & Herman Blume. If you haven’t seen Rushmore, add it to your list of 100 films I must see before I die!

It wasn’t just a matter of illustrating the prints. I’ve been finding myself playing more and more with illustrator lately.
I think most of us have used overlay, multiply and opacity/transparency. Being able to create a gradient from 100 – 0% has been long overdue. It’s always been available, but creating custom patterns by simply dragging them into the swatch panel is just too easy…..you have to try it….and then multiplying them over other colours has created some interesting outcomes.

I’m starting to think that effects and brush strokes are no longer dirty words.

But I must say I’ve been really impressed after discovering the blend tool and it’s possibilities…….