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    my project contains several images that are made to entertain others.
My Very First Portfolio Projects 
My, very first photoshop Art Project the concept includes. combining a bunch of pictures all together to form one single image, I liked the concept it was very fun to make and very realistic. 

The dear means that he is on the forest, he probably got lost on his way out, zebra also got lost on wilderness for some reason he ended up there, mountains mean that there is also some snow around town, it also helps create a very creative, new way to look at the picture with the mountains around. 

Bicycle guy  also means that he probably got lost and is enjoying the view from where he is ridding
and finally background, the sky has a brand new plate name unknown to anyone who visits this place, a plane flying over, it also for creative purposes. 

I hope you all enjoy my project, mostly the ones  who see it will enjoy it. 
It is my first art piece to be summated throw my art work on this page. Please feel free to see more of my artwork come to life for future. 

My second piece.This one is kinda hard to tell but there are bunch of elements combined together. 

a dolphin, water, birds flying, palm tree and finally a person surfing. This means that all of them are combined together in one piece. 

The person surfing means that it was a good person to put inside the wave, then she found a good wave, to be able to surf in she loves to surf a lot and can't seem to get enough of it.
The wave means, water and mostly it fits the background.  
The dolphins that are on the back they mean that the ocean, has very few concepts inside the picture, they probably are a couple of dolphin that seem to be disturbed by the person swimming above them but overland there intelligent creatures and seem to enjoy the weather and their best 

The birds above are blocking the sun, they seem to be flying by and they seem to enjoy the view. 

On the other side of the wave that is on the left side there  is an island with palm trees very far away, many tourist take trips to go and see the ocean, mostly they seem to enjoy It that is why there Is a boat on the left side with people inside, the girl that swimming just loves to be there because she is taken a completion and probably wants to practice. 

I do not like this because piece was hard to make because Included a bunch of elements inside the background that laid there. 

This peace means that it reflects my insecurities that I have with myself. 

Over all this peace was okay, I guess since is one of my best works yet. 

I hope you enjoy my next piece 

My very first drawing of me 

I simply begin on this drawing to  draw myself on photoshop and used the brush tool to draw myself but the process was very complicated and it required a lot of determination to change. 

I also used the tool brush to color the inside parts of my drawing and then with the eye dropper I chose the colors that I would be panting with. 

I think I did a good job at it, I could have done a bit better, but this was my very first time using the brush tool and it kinda was hard to do and it a bit rushed. 

I did not like that I did it rushed, Identify myself with my picture because this picture was taken on a good time where thinks where different for me mostly, I did not have so much problems I do know. I hope to improve my art work while I build my portfolio  

This one I painted it over with different colors. It was very nice but the colors do not match the character. Many of the colors are mixed up it seem that they are colored very badly, this work is one of the best I could come up with but it was also very easy to do. 

I only added the color and matched the character scheme. 

it was easy mostly because it was just coloring the lines, but if I could I would have matched the colors so that piolin would look a bit better. 

I mostly like this one because it was easy to make, it has being hard for me to get this right. 

I still hope you all keep enjoying my art work. 

Keep watching I will upload more. 

This is my very last piece of the day. 

For this one I uploaded a bunch of pictures that calculated the estimation then I researched the information that I needed in order to come up with my final design  

I will explain the concept. First there are 3 companies I focus on from shoes. The first company I based my own researched is Converse from what I found online, I based my graphic design I put what I learned from what I did on my researched inside and then I uploaded the pictures that I would use and put them in my project. 

The graphics are fun because there nice and show a good potential. 

I like this project a lot because it shows a job well done.  

This Is last project that I will be uploading for know on this portfolio from know on. 

Please feel free to check also my webpage which I will soon be uploading more art work in the near future I hope. I will make sure to put a link down below, but if you guys cannot see it then you can comment on it. 

So Thank You so much guys  for seeing my done projects.