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    Using the information on state issued driver’s license to deconstruct and then re-construct all of the information
For this ID re-design project, I need to create abstract ID which can represent my personality and my Zodiac sign which is Aries. My main goal for this project is to tell people something about me by just seeing this ID.

In this design, I use heavily over lapping texts to show the word “disturbed”. I also use super graphics for my name to show I am a very passionate and very confident person. My Zodiac sign is Aries, so I put each letter of my name over lapping to each other to tells people that I am an impatience person who always want to do things fast without considering the details. There is a high contrast between small text and big text, and a transition from dark to light, from smooth edge to very rugged edge. They represent energetic, adventurous and enthusiastic.