Type FaceOff was a competition hosted by the AIGA student group at Nicholls State University, my alma mater.
And I have to admit, "G" has always been my least favorite letter. It was pretty much a certainty I would get it in that instance.
Alumni and students signed up in October to fill the 26-letter alphabet need and ended up with an extra two glyphs to culminate in a total of 28 alumni and students competing head to head. The letters were chosen randomly for both categories of contestants. 
Tell me that brown one doesn't look like a squirrel.

After some mind-mapping and a bit of Pinterest pinning and hunting for inspiration, I sketched out thumbnails inspired by words that start with "G". Some pen tool sessions and eliminating weak ones out later, here we are!
Geometric, gridded, and golden.
Ribbon inspired letterform for my stepdaughter.
The chosen letterform to go into the exhibition. Yay for glasses!