SMC Branding and Website

SMC Financial

The Brief
Create a logo, branding, corporate identity, business stationery and website for a financial advisor in Liverpool.   

The Client
SMC Financial Services is a new forward-thinking company, based in Crosby, delivering smart and efficient financial advice.

The Result
The logo was developed from the shape of the S in the name and has three elements to it to represent the three letters from the name. Once we have the basic shape of the logo and the colours chosen the rest of the corporate identity was developed during the website flat artwork stage. From this, we designed and printed all their business stationery including business cards, letterheads, pull-up banners and signage.

From The Client

"Superb service from start to finish from Tom Dent, Tom Brookes and the whole team. I trusted them to do my whole branding from logo design to colours to stationary right through to the website. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a website, branding or any form of design or print for their business."

Sean McDermott - SMC Financial Services

SMC Branding and Website
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Tom Dent