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    Independent films


2005, 7 minutes, 35mm
Directed by Daniel Sousa http://www.danielsousa.com
Sound Design by Dan Golden http://www.dangorange.com

In this cyclical fairy tale, a man and a woman are cursed to be forever apart. We never see them inhabit the same space but yet we feel that there's a connection between them. One common element is that they both have the power to transform into animals. But when they do they are compelled to hunt down and destroy the other. They become blind to their passions and are overwhelmed by their instincts.


1998, 8 minutes, 16mm
Sound Design by Dan Golden
Cello played by Judy Rubin

A loose interpretation of the Minoan myth, as seen through the monster's point of view. Abandoned in a labyrinthine island, the childlike minotaur has as his only companion a playful red ball and a multitude of mirrors. When he sees his own image he imagines himself dancing in perfect synchronicity with a mysterious other. But new characters are brought to the island, and they don't behave like his choreographed twins. Confused and frustrated, the creature has to learn to adapt to a world of uncertainty. But when he can't, the monster's true nature is revealed.

The Windmill

2007, 2 minutes, HD
Sound Design by Dan Golden

A short film based on a childhood memory. As a child, I would run to this abandoned windmill whenever I wanted to be alone. It stood at the edge of the woods and in my mind it demarcated the boundary between civilization and a more primal, spiritual realm. This started as a study for Feral, but evolved into its own project. However, The notion of the windmill as a talismanic portal remained in the final film.


2009, 2minutes, HD
Sound Design by Dan Golden

This is the second chapter of an ongoing series of hand-painted animated explorations of childhood and memories, both of which were studies for the longer film, "Feral". This film takes the viewer on a first person's flight through a constantly changing landscape, from nature into civilization, and back again.