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2017 Logofolio

Year 2017 is now caming to its final days, and we are feeling the holiday vibes anywhere.

This period of time, we usually take a look back at the whole year, of what we have done, what we have achieved and yes, prepare for a bright new year.

Today I take a step back to look at my works, as a graphic designer. Many beautiful memories come back in my head when I look at what I have done in the whole year long. Any single client is my friend, and any single project is my beloved kids. So I decided to place them at the brightest place. Behance :)

Now, let's watch 
An Bistro - a retro logo done for a nice restaurant client
Athenton - The quickest logo I've made, just in 4 days.
Aloha boys, the first time I collaborated with another artist. She drawn the leaf and I made the lettering.
Basketman - Oh I love basketball and I love this logo so much. 
SneakHeart - Did I told you that I love Sneakers? Yeah, now you know.
My Fashion Fit - Fashion + Cloth + Knit icon = Boom. One of the most creative logo this year :)
One more custom lettering logo you'll love 
Let's watch the whole of them
Thank you so much for taking time with me.
And how is your 2017, share with me in the comment. 
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2017 Logofolio
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