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Apprentice of Okoličné

Putting Gothic art into the hands of gallery visitors
For their exhibition on Gothic art, the Slovak National Gallery was looking for a way to give visitors a hands-on experience with the displayed artworks. We worked with them to create an interactive experience that invites visitors to practice the craft of Gothic composition.

The exhibition titled "Master of Okoličné and Gothic Art of Spiš around 1500" centred around the concept of the mysterious 'Master' about whom little is known besides the remarkable works from his workshop. We built on this concept by inviting visitors to enter the workshop of the Master and taking the role of the 'Apprentice of Okolicne'. In a short and playful experience, visitors work actively with segments of the digitised artworks to create their own gothic composition.
The Apprentice Experience
When they enter the workshop, the visitor is guided step by step to lay the basis of their composition by selecting a brocade or graphic pattern and an interior or exterior environment.
With the first two layers in place, the apprentice now moves on to freely assemble a scene by dragging in figures and objects and manually manipulating them via intuitive gestures. Figures can be freely positioned, scaled, rotated, mirrored and visitors can control which elements appear on top of others. The entire process is explained through a short demo video:
Notifications related to selected elements teach facts about the gothic composition process used in the Master's workshop in a playful way.
Once satisfied with their creation, the apprentice signs their creation with their name via an gothic-style typing interface (typical for the early 16th century). They are also able to leave their email address to enter a competition for the best composition and receive updates related to the exhibition.
Submitted composition enter the gallery, where visitors can browse and be inspired by the creations of others. Similar to the way the 'Master of Okoličné' is represented by a sophisticated letter 'M', in the gallery the apprentices are immortalised by their initials.
Sharing gothic creativity beyond the gallery space
Compositions are also automatically posted to the Apprentice of Okoličné instagram account, where 779 posts have acquired a total of 1152 likes during the 3 months of the exhibition.

Creative direction: Philo van Kemenade
Project management & creative production: Lucia Dubačová
UX design: Philo van Kemenade
Illustrations and graphic design: Martin Pysny
Development: Berto Yañez
Content management: Lukáš Štepanovský (lab.SNG)
Documentation Video & Photography: Peter Gal
Apprentice of Okoličné

Apprentice of Okoličné

A touch screen installation inviting visitors of the Slovak National Gallery to practice the craft of Gothic composition in a playful experience. Read More