Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? [GD& Health]
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Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? [GD& Health]
Book design with LucienneRoberts+ and editing for GraphicDesign&

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? is a new GraphicDesign& Health title that examines the varied and vital relationship between graphic design and health, focusing on work that demonstrates how communication strategies and visual languages are employed to persuade, inform, prevent and ultimately protect.

The book is published to coincide with the eponymous exhibition at Wellcome Collection, London – a museum that explores the connections between medicine, life and art – and is structured according to the six sections of the exhibition: Persuasion, Education, Hospitalisation, Medication, Contagion and Provocation. It features public-facing work by mostly contemporary graphic designers from around the world: from unbranded cigarette packaging to apps about the human body, minimalist pill packaging to hospital information systems, and urgent public health warnings to revolutionising health awareness campaigns. Alongside are answers to the question posed by the title, from contributing designers, design writers and health professionals that give valuable insight into the design process.

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? demonstrates how graphic design impacts on what we notice, what we understand and the actions we take – and the essential role graphic design plays in matters of life and death. You can purchase it on the publisher website here.

I worked as part of the LucienneRoberts+ team designing the cover and inside pages of the book. I also co-edited the book with GD& founders Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright.